How to Attract the Relationship You Truly Want with Feng Shui

Bagua MapAnyone can be in a relationship, but being in one that is fulfilling and harmonious is not always easy. It takes some effort to attract the love you truly want. Feng shui can help you!

Whether you are looking for a relationship, or if you are already in one, everyone could use a little help in the love department. With Valentine’s Day upon us, and in the spirit of love, here are two relationship feng shui tips. These feng shui enhancements are a great way to attract the relationship you desire. Let’s get started!

Tip #1: Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy

One basic principle of feng shui is the balance of yin and yang. The more aware and knowledgeable you are about the balance of yin and yang in your home or bedroom, the more balance you will experience in your relationship.

Balance in a relationship is important because it means that both people feel understood and respected. And just as important, both parties give equal attention to the relationship so that it can flourish and evolve with the natural rhythms of life.

You can achieve harmony in your relationships by representing a balance of yin and yang energy in your space. Yin is the feminine energy represented by dark colors (black), soft textures and dim lighting. Yang is the masculine energy represented by bright colors (white), patterns and lighting.

Which side of the bed do you sleep on? Your bed also possesses yin and yang energy. When looking at your bed, the right side is the masculine yang side and the left side is the feminine yin side. If you are a male, sleep on the right. If you are female, sleep on the left.

What happens if a female sleeps on the right, yang side? If she is single, she is taking up the masculine energy. She is not leaving space for a male energy to enter her life.

If a female sleeps on the masculine side while in a relationship, she may feel like she is doing a lot more of the work in the relationship. Since her partner is occupying the feminine side of the bed, he may have difficulty completing projects or bringing in as much revenue to the household as he could. If you feel like there is an imbalance in the relationship, make sure the female is sleeping on the left yin side, and the male is on the right yang side.

Tip #2: Know Yourself Before Someone Else

Many people go straight to the Relationship Gua of their house to enhance their relationship. The truth is, you need to spend some time in the Wisdom and Knowledge Gua to attract the relationship you truly want.

The Wisdom and Knowledge Gua is a great place to focus if you feel like you keep dating Mr. Wrong, or if you feel like your partner just doesn’t understand you and there is a disconnect. The truth is it’s NOT them… It’s YOU! You need to spend some time in the Knowledge Gua to get some self-knowledge on what it is that you truly want and need from a partner. Once you get clear on your desires, you will be able to articulate that to someone else.

How do you enhance the Wisdom and Knowledge Gua?

1. Locate the Wisdom and Knowledge Gua in your home. Upon entering the front door of your house, the Wisdom and Knowledge Gua is on the far left side at the front of the house. (See the BaGua map).

2. Spend time in this room. Do you like it? Is it free of clutter? Have you updated the paint or rearranged the furniture lately? Take some time cleaning this area with the intention of getting a better understanding of who you are and what you value in life. As you physically clean and remove clutter, you symbolically release old, limiting beliefs about yourself, and open up space for clarity and newness to emerge.

3. Activate the Wisdom and Knowledge Gua with turquoise, the earth element, or the fire element. Turquoise represents deep blue water and a greater depth of knowledge. The earth element can be represented by squares and rectangles, such as a picture of floral artwork. The fire element can be represented by triangles, candles, or red. Fire creates earth; it also activates the Gua and “lights up” your knowledge.

There are many other feng shui enhancements that can help you make room for love in your life. However, I’ve focused on these two suggestions because they are less well known. Follow these two tips and let me know how they work for you! Until next time…


Kristina Hollinger is the author of “Teaching from the Heart with Feng Shui: Inspired Living for Teachers, Parents and Kids.” She is a mother, school administrator and feng shui consultant, who is passionate about helping others design the life they deserve. Visit

*This article is found in the February 2018 edition of Conscious Community Magazine

How to Welcome Abundance Through Your Front Door!

door 2

Abundance.  It’s a word filled with optimism and hope. But what does it truly mean to you?

Abundance can come to you in many different forms in all areas of life.  Do you long for more time?  More money?  Deeper connections and relationships?  Your desires have been given uniquely to you for a reason.  Whatever it is you are longing for in this moment is within reach, but first you need to know how to create the space to receive it. Get ready to design the life you deserve with the ancient practice of feng shui!

One of the first steps when trying to implement feng shui in your home or office is to start with the front entrance. This article explains how to welcome new opportunities and positive energy into all areas of life simply by enhancing your front door!


Why is the front door so important?

The front door is considered the “mouth of chi.” Chi (also spelled qi), is the natural life force, or energy, that is within everything.  Every time you open your front door, fresh chi flows in and replenishes your whole house.

Allowing sunshine and fresh air through your front door naturally elevates the chi of your home. This is why it is so important to use the front door entrance everyday.  If you do not use your front door, at the very least make an effort to at open it daily so that the natural light can flow through it.

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, the front door of your home is so important when it comes to applying feng shui principles.  The front door has two major functions.  It protects your house and it welcomes in abundance!

How do you feng shui the front door?

In addition to using your front door daily, here are five suggestions that will help you elevate the chi of your home.  These basic front door feng shui suggestions will protect your home and help you attract abundance.

Make a “Yang” Door:  When it comes to your front door, think bright!  You want all the positive energy to “find” your house.  You can attract positive chi by painting the door a different color from the rest of the house so that it stands out.  This is highly recommended if there are multiple entrances to your home.

 Create a Solid Door: A solid door is considered ideal in feng shui because it protects the house from any negative outside chi which could be caused from busy roads, arguing neighbors, construction, power lines, or other outside factors that are beyond your control.  If your door has a large glass window, you can create protection by hanging a colorful wreath. You can also try placing brightly colored flowers on either side of the door. Red flowers are idea. Red is a power color with vibrant energy that will provide protection as well as attract more prosperity into your home.

Place a Solid Doormat Outside the Door: The doormat is believed to welcome helpful people and opportunities to your doorstep.  There are three things to keep in mind when selecting your doormat:


  • A solid doormat is best because it is the most energetically stable.
  • The mat should not be wider than the front door. A mat that is too wide will actually bring you too many opportunities, making it difficult to prioritize and handle the workload.
  • Avoid doormats that have your last name or monogram on them. You don’t want people “walking all over you.”


If you live in an apartment and cannot place a doormat in front of your doorstep, have no fear.  In feng shui, there is always a solution!  You can make an energetic doormat.  Take a red pen (leave the cap on!), and “draw” a doormat in front of your door.  For an added energetic bonus, “write” affirmations on the doormat of all that you wish to attract into your life.



Carla Baldacci painted her front door Valspar “La Fonda” so that it stands out.  The doormat, colorful flowers and address label complete the look.

Have Your Address Clearly Labeled: You might know where you live, but visitors and FedEx don’t always know.  Make your address visible so that nothing passes you by, both literally and symbolically.

Place a Metal Wind Chime Outside: A metal wind chime outside the front entrance is a feng shui must-have!  The wind chime is believed to circulate the positive energy that flows to your house and magnifies the positive effects each time you open the front door.

Are you ready to attract abundance?

Applying feng shui to your front door will be a breath of fresh air for you and your home! You will start to see things from a new perspective, which will give you greater clarity in all areas of life.  You will see new opportunities that you did not realize existed, and helpful people will show up as if out of thin air.  Everyone’s feng shui journey is different, but if you try some of these front door feng shui suggestions, you will experience a shift.  Your home will smile, and so will your heart!


Biography and Contact Information:

Kristina Hollinger is the author of Teaching from the Heart with Feng Shui: Inspired Living for Teachers, Parents and Kids.  She is a school administrator and feng shui consultant who is passionate about helping others live their best life.



How to Create Balance with Yin & Yang


Life is all about finding balance. You can achieve harmony in your relationships, and within, by representing yin and yang elements in your space. Yin is the feminine energy represented by dark colors, and soft textures and lighting. Yang is the masculine energy represented by bright colors and patterns, sharp edges, and bright lighting.

Some rooms of your home will benefit more from Yin energy, such as your bedroom where you want to rest. The kitchen is a livelier space where you can have more Yang. Regardless, it’s always good to have a little balance. It was not planned, but I noticed this photo of my husband and I somewhat illustrates this concept. The Yin, feminine, is on the left and represented with black. Yang, the masculine, is on the right and represented with white. Both are equally important. Without the darkness there cannot be light. We all possess both energies, regardless of our gender. However, when sleeping it is best for the woman to sleep in the feminine side (left) and man to sleep on the masculine (right) to keep the relationship in optimal balance. ✨

How to Expand into Your Best Self

How to Expand into Your Best Self


“If you have the ability to dream it, you have the capacity to fulfill it”

-Jack Canfield

Your dreams are not there to taunt you, they were given uniquely to YOU so that you could fulfill them. When you feel discontent, it’s because you are ready to EXPAND. True happiness comes from allowing ourselves to grow. When we reach for new heights and accomplish our goals, we feel fulfilled. So follow your heart and go for it! The only person holding you back is yourself. This post will teach you how to get out of your own way by changing your thoughts to attract more of what you want into your life.

Intention is the secret ingredient in feng shui.  When you make adjustments with intention, you are setting a purpose for what you are doing.  The adjustments that you make to your environment will be more effective, and your desires will manifest more quickly.  


How to Set Your Intention

Here are three suggestions on how to set your intention every time you feng shui a room. It is something you will want to do during the feng shui process, as well as after the room is completed.  It is also something that you should do during maintenance.  For example, after I applied feng shui to our bedroom, if I had cleaned out our closet or added a picture to the wall, I would set the intention for what I wanted.  The more intentional and purposeful you can make every change you make to your environment, the better the results will be!



After making any external movement to your environment, you may bless the shift with a prayer from any religion that you identify with.  Remember, feng shui is not a religion.  It honors all beliefs, even non-believers so to speak. If you are Christian, you can say the Hail Mary or a prayer to Jesus. If you are Buddhist, you may say a prayer to Him.




  1. Affirmations are in the NOW:  Even if you don’t have exactly what you want right now, say what you want as if you already have it.  For example, if you are looking to accumulate more money so that you no longer have to be stressed out about paying off your bills, you would say, “I am grateful that I always have enough to pay my bills.”  Or “The universe supports me financially in everything that I do.”
  2. Affirm with gratitude or a positive emotion: When you say what you want, say it with a grateful heart. In addition, always say what it is that you are wanting to attract.  Avoid using any negative words such as “no” or “do not.” For example, if you are hoping to heal your relationship with your partner or another family member you could say, “I am thankful for our lifelong friendship and joyous relationship.”  Or, “I find great joy in talking with my partner about my feelings.  We listen to each other and feel deep fulfillment in our relationship.”
  3. Imagine the affirmation is true.  What does it feel like?  As you say the affirmation, imagine how you would feel if this really became true?  How does your body feel knowing that all is well?  How does your head and heart feel now that this area of your life is healed?  Say it.  Mean it.  Feel it. Dr. Laura Berman has elaborate research on the study of quantum physics and how this particular step, “feeling as if,” is so vital to the process of attracting what you want into your life.  Our body’s cells respond at the molecular level when we visualize what we want and act as if.  The Universe matches our vibrational frequencies and delivers exactly what it is that we are giving out.  

Praying and Affirmation Combination

Gratitude attracts more abundance. Try praying in using a positive affirmation. Act as if God has already blessed you with your desires and it is on its way.   An example of this would be something like, “Dear God, I am so grateful for the abundance of money and friendships that you are sending my way (right now).”  Remember, The Universe, or God, says “yes” to all of your hearts desires, as long as it is for the greater good.  He wants you to be happy and experience all of the blessings the world has to offer you.


There are official mudras or affirmations that have been passed down from our ancestors to feng shui practitioners.  These mudras are sacred and are only to be passed from teacher to student or from consultant to client. These are powerful tools that are available to you if you decide that you want to take your feng shui journey a step further.  However, your personal prayers and affirmations are still very powerful and important, and you WILL experience accelerated results by setting your intention in your own unique way.

I hope you have found this post helpful. My book which is anticipated this Spring will also feature ways to set intentions for your classroom, as well as how to teach students to think positive and believe in themselves.

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Until next time,


Kristina Hollinger


How to Attract What You Want with Your Home Decor

I just couldn’t take it any more!  My feng shui journey with with elements started at my South Loop apartment in Chicago. It all began with the bland, white wall in which my husband and I stared at as we watched TV.  The wall was over 20 feet high, and I just could not seem to get the “right” pictures or wall decor to fit the space.  It felt very cold and plain.

I had heard of feng shui before, so I decided to look into it before I selected a paint color for the walls.  As I conducted some “Google research”, I learned that our living room was in the wealth area of our apartment and it would be activated by the wood elements.  In addition, water represents money and nourishes the wood element.


This was my first experience with applying feng shui to a room, and I have not looked back since!  After applying the elements, the room simply came together!  I felt like I became the star of my very own home makeover show, and all I wanted to do was continue to apply feng shui to other areas of our apartment so that it felt more welcoming.  Each time I applied the appropriate elements to the specific gua, or area, of the home, I felt more and more at peace in my space.  Life at home was much more tranquil, and I even started to feel more energy at work.

So, did the elemental application to the wealth area work?  You bet it did!  My husband got a new job offer less than a year later. It was a significant raise and it gave us the opportunity to expand into the next chapter of our lives which included starting a family and moving into our first house!

I have since become a certified feng shui consultant, and now I am here to share how you too can transform your life with the decor you choose. You can remove the stumbling blocks of your life by consciously decorating your home, office, or classroom. There are three steps you can try today to apply elemental cures to your space and get the results you desire right now!

Three Steps to Improving Your Home with the Elements

You’ve cleared out your space and made room for the new.  Now, it is time to really activate the energy of the space.  Remember, there are nine areas of your life in which you can focus on.  For the next exercise, I would highly recommend starting with one gua, or area, to get you started.  Of course we all would like to focus on all nine areas, and ultimately that is the goal of feng shui, for all nine spaces to work in harmony. However, it is best to focus on on one room at a time.  

Step One:  Lay the bagua map (See image below) on the floor plan of your home.  The bottom of the map should be in line with the front door, so you would be entering into Knowledge, Career, or Helpful people sections.


Step Two: Identify the area you want to work on (one space at a time is recommended).  De-clutter and spend time in that space. After that, you can get started making adjustments and decorating according to the elements!  Use the shape, color, or actual element associated with that gua in order to activate the space and improve that area of your home and life!

Decor Suggestions to Represent Each Element:

  1. Earth:  Square or rectangular (horizontal) picture frames, yellow throw blanket or accent pillows, sand colored towels, sand or rocks in a square dish, a salt lamp, fresh flowers or fake flowers that look real
  2. Water: picture of the ocean, fish tank, water fountain, thunderstorm or ocean sounds, mirrors, purple drapes
  3. Fire: candles, fireplace, picture with reds or bright orange, Christmas Tree, triangular patterns, knives, weapons, fur, leather, feathers
  4. Wood: Rectangular frames (vertical), wooden sculptures or dishes, wood furniture, bamboo plant, money tree, bonsai tree
  5. Metal: Metal dishes, circular frames or clocks, metallic artwork, gray or white throw pillows or curtains

Step Three: Make changes with the intention in mind of what you want to create for yourself.  Seal this intention with a silent prayer or a mantra.  This is covered in greater detail in my next post!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating with feng shui, and that is what makes it so much fun.  You will be shocked at how simple it is. It’s easy to over-think it and wonder if you are doing it right, but there is no need to worry.  Just give it a try and as you start to feel the difference, you will become more and more confident in making adjustments throughout your home.

With greatest sincerity, I want to thank you for taking the time to browse this post.  I have found feng shui to be uplifting and completely life changing, and I hope you can too. I am currently working on a book called “Teaching from the Heart with Feng Shui.” Not only does it cover the basics of feng shui, but it also gives suggestions on how to apply these principles to your classroom or office so that you can feel the ultimate flow from your personal to your professional life. If you are interested in how to apply the elements in your work space, please let me know.  I would love to answer any questions you may have, and I also appreciate any feedback since some of these posts will be published some day!

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Until Next Time,


Kristina Hollinger


Three Steps to a Harmonious Classroom and…Life!

If you could have the perfect life, what would it look like? Imagine your life exactly as you wish it could be. Now, what if I told you that you were given these unique desires because you were meant to fulfill them?  You are meant to fulfill your dreams and accomplish your goals.  How, you ask? Feng shui can help!

What exactly is feng shui?

You have the power to change nine areas of your life with the help of feng shui. Using a tool called the bagua map, you will be able to see which area of your home, office, or classroom connects to specific areas of your life.  The nine areas are: wealth, reputation, relationships, children & creativity, health, family, knowledge, career, and helpful people & travel. Using the bagua map, you can address any area of life and see results almost immediately. 

Ideally, a feng shui home will have good flowing energy in all nine areas.  However, just as life is ever-changing, so must your feng shui practice continue to evolve.  Once you declutter a space and decorate, you will need to check in on that area of your home from time to time to keep it healthy.  The knowledge of feng shui is a very powerful tool that you can use as situations arise in your life. 

When you are ready to start applying feng shui to your classroom (or office), decluttering and organizing is a great place to start!  First and foremost, you want to tend to your personal desk.  Then, it is most important to organize the furniture, such as student desks and tables, in a way that allows optimal flow of chi. Finally, help your students organize their personal desks and the materials in the classroom so that you feel more energized and peaceful in your classroom. Let’s get started!


Step One: Clear Desk, Clear Mind

Did you know that you could lay the bagua map on your desk?  That’s right, you can elevate the energy of all nine areas of your life simply by cleaning and organizing your desk with your intention.

If you are like most teachers, you probably do not spend that much time in your desk. However, when you are at your desk you are probably doing some important documentation or planning that needs your full attention. Make your desk inviting and clear so that your mind feels lighter and you can focus with greater ease.  

  1. Empty each drawer one at a time.  Drawers carry very stagnant energy because there is nowhere for the energy to escape. The best way to refresh the energy of the desk and release old chi is by removing objects and getting rid of what you no longer need.  There are probably many teachers or students who could benefit from some old supplies that you no longer use.

  2. Now that your desk has been organized,  you are ready to minimize the surface of the desk. Start by taking everything off and dusting the surface of the desk.  Next, place your items strategically based on the bagua map and the elements which represent each gua.  For example, I like to place a bamboo plant on the upper left corner of my desk.  The upper left gua is the wealth gua, activated by the wood element.  The bamboo symbolizes wood and represents upward growth.  The hollowness of the bamboo signifies the openness to receive abundance. The chart below shows the bagua map and suggestions for each gua. Remember that the element is most effectively represented by the shape.  

  3. Place the desk in a “power position.”  You want to able to see the door from where you are sitting.  If your back is against the door, you could get startled if someone walks up behind you.  You have more peace of mind knowing exactly who is entering your space.  Try to have a solid wall behind you if possible.  This school year, I moved my desk from the relationship corner to the wealth corner. Those are the preferred guas since they are considered the most powerful, anchoring positions.  Although there is a window at my back, I have a much better view of the door.  If your desk has been in the same position for a couple years, I would recommend simply turning the desk to face another direction.  Whenever you move furniture, it freshens the chi and gives you a new perspective on life and your classroom.

 screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-10-55-23-pmCaption: If you are conscious of the bagua map as you organize your desk and classroom, it will help you create greater harmony. The bagua map is the same as the one you place on your house, but there are some additional suggestions on  how each gua specifically affects your classroom or career path. 


Step 2: Furniture Arrangement: Creating Optimal Flow in Your Classroom or Office

You started organizing your desk, and placed it in a power position.  Now, you can arrange the rest of  furniture for the greatest flow of chi.  You and your students will be able to focus better when the energy circulates unobstructed through your classroom.  Before you start moving everything around in your classroom, there are some key points to remember when arranging your space:

Round is the Way: Chi flows best around rounded edges.  If you arrange desks in a formation that creates a lot of straight lines and sharp turns, the energy will not flow as well.  

Energy as a Stream: Energy is constantly moving in a forward motion.  The energy flows in each time you open your classroom door.  Imagine the energy as a stream of water.  As it flows in through the classroom, where does the water flow quickly?  Does it get stuck in a certain space?  Try to arrange the space as best as you can so that the “water” flows does not get blocked.  This is another reason why opening up a window at least once a week is important.  When you open the window, it allows stagnant energy to exit, and refreshing chi enters to revitalize your space.

Mountain Behind You: You want a mountain behind you.  As the instructor, you need the power position so that you feel confident when working with the students.  I have a couple of tables in my classroom where I meet with small groups of students for literature discussions and other activities.  I have placed my chair so that my back is to the wall, and I have a unobstructed view of the whole classroom.  In particular, you should be able to see the door from where you sit.

Use the Elements: As you decide where to place furniture, remember that each gua is best activated with a specific shape.  One of the tables I use for small group instruction is a kidney shape. The rounded shape could represent metal, so I placed this table in the Children & Creativity gua.  Another big table is a long horizontal rectangle.  This shape represents the Earth Element, and it is placed in the relationship corner with an even number of chairs.  The relationship corner is best activated with pairs of objects, or even numbers.  This promotes partnership and successful collaboration.

No Space is Ever “Fixed” for Good: Although your classroom can stay in the same formation all year, it is best for students to switch desks every four or five weeks. Even if the desks are in the same formation, the simple movement will boost the energy.  Additionally, your students will appreciate the change of perspective. They will be more alert and recharged. You could even shift your desk if you are starting to feel drained in your day-to-day activities. 

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-10-56-00-pmCaption: Every classroom is different, but here  is an example of how I strategically arranged my classroom this school year.  I used the elements, and the five suggestions above to help me make my design choices. 

Student Desks:

Group A:  The students are on an angle so that it creates a more “rounded” configuration.  This allows the chi to flow.  All students are facing the SMARTboard and can see the front door. The students are not in a group of four, but they all have a partner.  When I want students to work in groups, they can move to the large work tables or turn their chairs.  An additional note:  Try not to have students in line with the door.  As chi enters the door, the energy rushes in.  Group A is not recommended for your students who are hyperactive or have difficulty concentrating.  This space has active chi because of the door, so keep this is mind when sitting students here.

Group B: This group of four students are on an angle so that nobody has their back to the SMARTboard and everyone can see the door.  Again, the angle also helps the energy flow.


Group C:  The two groups in the center of the room have their backs to the East and West walls. Everyone can see the door.  Although no one is facing the door or SMARTboard, if they look to the side they can see them. The group is not angled, but the center of the room is a “grounding” point.  The center is the Health gua, and it is represented by the Earth.  The desks create the square/horizontal rectangle which represents the Earth element.  


Group D: All students in group D have their backs to the wall.  The solid wall creates a “mountain” behind them. It is very auspicious any time you can have a solid wall or chair behind you. The solid back creates support and boosts confidence and productivity.


Checklist for Student Desks

  • Is there a solid wall behind you and your students?

  • Can your students see the front door?

  • Do the desks allow optimal flow of chi, or are they creating sharp turns?


Step Three: Getting the Students Organized

You have worked hard to clear your classroom of unnecessary clutter and arrange the furniture for optimal energy flow.  Now, the key is to stay organized and keep your classroom functioning at peak efficiency.  Here are three quick tips that will help the students take ownership of the classroom and accept the responsibility of maintaining the positive vibes. If you are a teacher who is evaluated based on the Charlotte Danielson framework, this area could be used as evidence of managing your classroom environment!

Friday Desk Cleaning:  It sounds so easy, but how many times do you allow your students to clean out their desks?  We get so busy, that sometimes this only happens once a quarter!  Try to give your students 10 minutes every week to clean out their desks. The mess in their desks is causing unnecessary chaos in their minds.  When the students have time to organize their personal space, they will be more efficient, remember their homework, and feel calmer.  In addition, when all of the desks are organized, the overall chi of the classroom is improved.

Classroom Jobs: Many teachers assign classroom jobs.  Do you have have the students dust the book shelves, counters, and common-area tables? My students love doing these types of jobs.  Use whatever products your school approves, and notice how much fresher the room feels.  Your classroom’s chi will be heightened immediately. Again, I would recommend
doing this weekly.  If possible, open up the windows at the same time the students clean the surfaces.  This will really boost the effectiveness as you let fresh air elevate the chi.


Explicit Organization:  Do you spend time with your students finding a “home” for every school supply?  Students need direct instruction on exactly where everything goes.  At the beginning of the year students put all of their pens, pencils and erasers in their pencil pouch, and they learn that their scissors, glue and crayons belong in their art box.  During our Friday Desk Cleaning day, we review where everything goes. My famous line is, “There should be no loose papers in your desk.  Remember, everything has a home.  Put papers in your ‘Take Home’ folder that need to go home.  Place papers that you still need in your ‘Stay at School’ folder, and anything that you don’t need can be recycled.” Even high school students need reminders of how to organize their space.  They too need to understand the value of keeping their personal space clean and organized.


For optimal results, I really encourage teachers, or anyone looking to improve their career, to try feng shui in their homes too  No matter how neat and organized your classroom or office is, if you are coming home to disarray, you will not feel rejuvenated for the next day of teaching.  We need to feel like our house is giving us a big warm hug every time we walk into the door.  If you have a strong foundation at home, your professional life will start to fall into place.

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Until Next time,
Kristina Hollinger


How Personal directions and Feng Shui influences the quality of sleeping. Ways to get rid of insomnia

We all have four personal “best directions.” It’s a simple formula, and the idea is to face into your best direction for optimal results in your relationships, personal development and health. Let me know if you want to find out your best direction and is be happy to share! ✨#fengshui #numerology #simplyfengshuidesigns #designyourlife #liveyourbestlife

Feng Shui Design for Success

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