How to Attract the Relationship You Truly Want with Feng Shui

Bagua MapAnyone can be in a relationship, but being in one that is fulfilling and harmonious is not always easy. It takes some effort to attract the love you truly want. Feng shui can help you!

Whether you are looking for a relationship, or if you are already in one, everyone could use a little help in the love department. With Valentine’s Day upon us, and in the spirit of love, here are two relationship feng shui tips. These feng shui enhancements are a great way to attract the relationship you desire. Let’s get started!

Tip #1: Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy

One basic principle of feng shui is the balance of yin and yang. The more aware and knowledgeable you are about the balance of yin and yang in your home or bedroom, the more balance you will experience in your relationship.

Balance in a relationship is important because it means that both people feel understood and respected. And just as important, both parties give equal attention to the relationship so that it can flourish and evolve with the natural rhythms of life.

You can achieve harmony in your relationships by representing a balance of yin and yang energy in your space. Yin is the feminine energy represented by dark colors (black), soft textures and dim lighting. Yang is the masculine energy represented by bright colors (white), patterns and lighting.

Which side of the bed do you sleep on? Your bed also possesses yin and yang energy. When looking at your bed, the right side is the masculine yang side and the left side is the feminine yin side. If you are a male, sleep on the right. If you are female, sleep on the left.

What happens if a female sleeps on the right, yang side? If she is single, she is taking up the masculine energy. She is not leaving space for a male energy to enter her life.

If a female sleeps on the masculine side while in a relationship, she may feel like she is doing a lot more of the work in the relationship. Since her partner is occupying the feminine side of the bed, he may have difficulty completing projects or bringing in as much revenue to the household as he could. If you feel like there is an imbalance in the relationship, make sure the female is sleeping on the left yin side, and the male is on the right yang side.

Tip #2: Know Yourself Before Someone Else

Many people go straight to the Relationship Gua of their house to enhance their relationship. The truth is, you need to spend some time in the Wisdom and Knowledge Gua to attract the relationship you truly want.

The Wisdom and Knowledge Gua is a great place to focus if you feel like you keep dating Mr. Wrong, or if you feel like your partner just doesn’t understand you and there is a disconnect. The truth is it’s NOT them… It’s YOU! You need to spend some time in the Knowledge Gua to get some self-knowledge on what it is that you truly want and need from a partner. Once you get clear on your desires, you will be able to articulate that to someone else.

How do you enhance the Wisdom and Knowledge Gua?

1. Locate the Wisdom and Knowledge Gua in your home. Upon entering the front door of your house, the Wisdom and Knowledge Gua is on the far left side at the front of the house. (See the BaGua map).

2. Spend time in this room. Do you like it? Is it free of clutter? Have you updated the paint or rearranged the furniture lately? Take some time cleaning this area with the intention of getting a better understanding of who you are and what you value in life. As you physically clean and remove clutter, you symbolically release old, limiting beliefs about yourself, and open up space for clarity and newness to emerge.

3. Activate the Wisdom and Knowledge Gua with turquoise, the earth element, or the fire element. Turquoise represents deep blue water and a greater depth of knowledge. The earth element can be represented by squares and rectangles, such as a picture of floral artwork. The fire element can be represented by triangles, candles, or red. Fire creates earth; it also activates the Gua and “lights up” your knowledge.

There are many other feng shui enhancements that can help you make room for love in your life. However, I’ve focused on these two suggestions because they are less well known. Follow these two tips and let me know how they work for you! Until next time…


Kristina Hollinger is the author of “Teaching from the Heart with Feng Shui: Inspired Living for Teachers, Parents and Kids.” She is a mother, school administrator and feng shui consultant, who is passionate about helping others design the life they deserve. Visit

*This article is found in the February 2018 edition of Conscious Community Magazine