How to Expand into Your Best Self

How to Expand into Your Best Self


“If you have the ability to dream it, you have the capacity to fulfill it”

-Jack Canfield

Your dreams are not there to taunt you, they were given uniquely to YOU so that you could fulfill them. When you feel discontent, it’s because you are ready to EXPAND. True happiness comes from allowing ourselves to grow. When we reach for new heights and accomplish our goals, we feel fulfilled. So follow your heart and go for it! The only person holding you back is yourself. This post will teach you how to get out of your own way by changing your thoughts to attract more of what you want into your life.

Intention is the secret ingredient in feng shui.  When you make adjustments with intention, you are setting a purpose for what you are doing.  The adjustments that you make to your environment will be more effective, and your desires will manifest more quickly.  


How to Set Your Intention

Here are three suggestions on how to set your intention every time you feng shui a room. It is something you will want to do during the feng shui process, as well as after the room is completed.  It is also something that you should do during maintenance.  For example, after I applied feng shui to our bedroom, if I had cleaned out our closet or added a picture to the wall, I would set the intention for what I wanted.  The more intentional and purposeful you can make every change you make to your environment, the better the results will be!



After making any external movement to your environment, you may bless the shift with a prayer from any religion that you identify with.  Remember, feng shui is not a religion.  It honors all beliefs, even non-believers so to speak. If you are Christian, you can say the Hail Mary or a prayer to Jesus. If you are Buddhist, you may say a prayer to Him.




  1. Affirmations are in the NOW:  Even if you don’t have exactly what you want right now, say what you want as if you already have it.  For example, if you are looking to accumulate more money so that you no longer have to be stressed out about paying off your bills, you would say, “I am grateful that I always have enough to pay my bills.”  Or “The universe supports me financially in everything that I do.”
  2. Affirm with gratitude or a positive emotion: When you say what you want, say it with a grateful heart. In addition, always say what it is that you are wanting to attract.  Avoid using any negative words such as “no” or “do not.” For example, if you are hoping to heal your relationship with your partner or another family member you could say, “I am thankful for our lifelong friendship and joyous relationship.”  Or, “I find great joy in talking with my partner about my feelings.  We listen to each other and feel deep fulfillment in our relationship.”
  3. Imagine the affirmation is true.  What does it feel like?  As you say the affirmation, imagine how you would feel if this really became true?  How does your body feel knowing that all is well?  How does your head and heart feel now that this area of your life is healed?  Say it.  Mean it.  Feel it. Dr. Laura Berman has elaborate research on the study of quantum physics and how this particular step, “feeling as if,” is so vital to the process of attracting what you want into your life.  Our body’s cells respond at the molecular level when we visualize what we want and act as if.  The Universe matches our vibrational frequencies and delivers exactly what it is that we are giving out.  

Praying and Affirmation Combination

Gratitude attracts more abundance. Try praying in using a positive affirmation. Act as if God has already blessed you with your desires and it is on its way.   An example of this would be something like, “Dear God, I am so grateful for the abundance of money and friendships that you are sending my way (right now).”  Remember, The Universe, or God, says “yes” to all of your hearts desires, as long as it is for the greater good.  He wants you to be happy and experience all of the blessings the world has to offer you.


There are official mudras or affirmations that have been passed down from our ancestors to feng shui practitioners.  These mudras are sacred and are only to be passed from teacher to student or from consultant to client. These are powerful tools that are available to you if you decide that you want to take your feng shui journey a step further.  However, your personal prayers and affirmations are still very powerful and important, and you WILL experience accelerated results by setting your intention in your own unique way.

I hope you have found this post helpful. My book which is anticipated this Spring will also feature ways to set intentions for your classroom, as well as how to teach students to think positive and believe in themselves.

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Until next time,


Kristina Hollinger


How to Attract What You Want with Your Home Decor

I just couldn’t take it any more!  My feng shui journey with with elements started at my South Loop apartment in Chicago. It all began with the bland, white wall in which my husband and I stared at as we watched TV.  The wall was over 20 feet high, and I just could not seem to get the “right” pictures or wall decor to fit the space.  It felt very cold and plain.

I had heard of feng shui before, so I decided to look into it before I selected a paint color for the walls.  As I conducted some “Google research”, I learned that our living room was in the wealth area of our apartment and it would be activated by the wood elements.  In addition, water represents money and nourishes the wood element.


This was my first experience with applying feng shui to a room, and I have not looked back since!  After applying the elements, the room simply came together!  I felt like I became the star of my very own home makeover show, and all I wanted to do was continue to apply feng shui to other areas of our apartment so that it felt more welcoming.  Each time I applied the appropriate elements to the specific gua, or area, of the home, I felt more and more at peace in my space.  Life at home was much more tranquil, and I even started to feel more energy at work.

So, did the elemental application to the wealth area work?  You bet it did!  My husband got a new job offer less than a year later. It was a significant raise and it gave us the opportunity to expand into the next chapter of our lives which included starting a family and moving into our first house!

I have since become a certified feng shui consultant, and now I am here to share how you too can transform your life with the decor you choose. You can remove the stumbling blocks of your life by consciously decorating your home, office, or classroom. There are three steps you can try today to apply elemental cures to your space and get the results you desire right now!

Three Steps to Improving Your Home with the Elements

You’ve cleared out your space and made room for the new.  Now, it is time to really activate the energy of the space.  Remember, there are nine areas of your life in which you can focus on.  For the next exercise, I would highly recommend starting with one gua, or area, to get you started.  Of course we all would like to focus on all nine areas, and ultimately that is the goal of feng shui, for all nine spaces to work in harmony. However, it is best to focus on on one room at a time.  

Step One:  Lay the bagua map (See image below) on the floor plan of your home.  The bottom of the map should be in line with the front door, so you would be entering into Knowledge, Career, or Helpful people sections.


Step Two: Identify the area you want to work on (one space at a time is recommended).  De-clutter and spend time in that space. After that, you can get started making adjustments and decorating according to the elements!  Use the shape, color, or actual element associated with that gua in order to activate the space and improve that area of your home and life!

Decor Suggestions to Represent Each Element:

  1. Earth:  Square or rectangular (horizontal) picture frames, yellow throw blanket or accent pillows, sand colored towels, sand or rocks in a square dish, a salt lamp, fresh flowers or fake flowers that look real
  2. Water: picture of the ocean, fish tank, water fountain, thunderstorm or ocean sounds, mirrors, purple drapes
  3. Fire: candles, fireplace, picture with reds or bright orange, Christmas Tree, triangular patterns, knives, weapons, fur, leather, feathers
  4. Wood: Rectangular frames (vertical), wooden sculptures or dishes, wood furniture, bamboo plant, money tree, bonsai tree
  5. Metal: Metal dishes, circular frames or clocks, metallic artwork, gray or white throw pillows or curtains

Step Three: Make changes with the intention in mind of what you want to create for yourself.  Seal this intention with a silent prayer or a mantra.  This is covered in greater detail in my next post!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating with feng shui, and that is what makes it so much fun.  You will be shocked at how simple it is. It’s easy to over-think it and wonder if you are doing it right, but there is no need to worry.  Just give it a try and as you start to feel the difference, you will become more and more confident in making adjustments throughout your home.

With greatest sincerity, I want to thank you for taking the time to browse this post.  I have found feng shui to be uplifting and completely life changing, and I hope you can too. I am currently working on a book called “Teaching from the Heart with Feng Shui.” Not only does it cover the basics of feng shui, but it also gives suggestions on how to apply these principles to your classroom or office so that you can feel the ultimate flow from your personal to your professional life. If you are interested in how to apply the elements in your work space, please let me know.  I would love to answer any questions you may have, and I also appreciate any feedback since some of these posts will be published some day!

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Until Next Time,


Kristina Hollinger


Making a Vision Board Using Feng Shui

A vision board is a popular tool that people use to reach their goals and manifest the life they desire. I never tried it until this year, but I have found amazing results so far. The purpose of this post is to help you create a vision board in order to improve all nine areas of your life using the feng shui begua map.

If you are not familiar with the begua map, check out my previous blog Feng Shui 101 for more details!  However, this post will outline very clearly what the nine areas of life are according the the feng shui begua map. In addition, I will share with you how my vision board has been a work in progress and has truly helped me reach my goals.

I created my vision board using the FREE Wishboard app, but I am sure there are others out there.  I love how you can change parts the vision board as your goals change, and it is easy to post on your phone’s lock screen as a constant reminder of what you aspire to be and what is important to you.

Now that you have downloaded the application to your phone, you are ready to create a vision board using the begua map. The nine areas are listed below. It starts with the upper left corner of your screen and goes clockwise.  #9 is the center gua.

  1. Wealth:  This area of the bagua map correlates to what makes you feel wealthy.  For some people that is their dream home, for others it could be a sparkly diamond or a new car.  It’s OK to think of the material things you desire in this gua!  Wealth is represented by the element of wood.  You can even put an abstract picture here to represent “your finances growing.” So a picture of a lush tree  or plant would be good. I already reached my first vision using the board posted above, so I replaced the picture of a diamond ring with a photo of the front door of my dream home.  I always think, “this or something better,” when I look at it because you never know what amazing things are in your future!
  2. Fame and Reputation:  This area is at the top center.  It represents how the world sees you.  If you want to be seen as beautiful, successful, or stable, put a picture of what that looks like to you.  Keep in mind that this gua is represented by fire.  You could put a picture of a candlelight or a yellow star in this area.  Any picture that “lights up” the way you are seen by employers, family, friends, ect.
  3. Relationships: This area is in the top right corner.  As you can see I have put a picture of a shining heart.  You could put an actual picture of the one you love there (a happy picture of the two of you would be best).  Perhaps you look up to your grandparents and their unconditional love is what keeps you going.  Put whatever image you want to see in your love life.  I know for some ladies it might be a picture of that dream engagement ring that you’ve been hoping for.
  4. Children and Creativity:  What is it that you are hoping for or wanting more of in this area?  I put a picture with my daughter because I want a constant reminder of her on my phone.  She is my heart.  If you want a child, even pictures of your nieces or the kids you babysit would be good here.  On the other hand, some people are longing to have more creative expression. This gua is represented by metal.  Anything circular or metallic colored (white or gray) will represent your ability to communicate, write, and express yourself.  I know you can get creative with this one and find a way to represent that which you want to express.
  5. Helpful People & Travel:  The bottom right area is also represented by the metal element.  In my vision board I have a picture of a beautiful colonial home in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.  Since I live in Chicago and my husband’s entire family lives there, I wish to go back there as frequently as possible.  That is my dream place to travel as often as I can.  In addition, I find his family incredibly supportive.  Who do you rely on to help you?  A picture of an actual person or spiritual figure such as Jesus or Buddah would be great here.  If there is a beautiful beach or country in Europe you wish to visit, place a picture of that here.  Once you go there, you can always replace the image with your next destination!
  6. Career and Life Path:  The bottom center is represented by water.  Water also represents the flow of money.  It is my hope for you that you can find financial security all while doing your life’s purpose and passion.  Maybe you have a dream job that you haven’t tried yet.  Don’t be afraid to dream and put an image that inspires you!  All you need to do is open up your heart and imagination and the universe will take care of the rest.  You have a purpose that only you can fulfill.  Listen to your inner voice and put an image in the career area that makes your heart sing.
  7. Wisdom & Knowledge:  The bottom left corner is represented by earth.  Earth can be represented by anything square or earth colored, like tan and yellow. This area is where you can put a picture of something that makes you feel grounded.  It could also be an image of what you wish to know more about.  Perhaps you have a book that you can’t seem to get through, but you know you want to finish it.  Here is a great place to remind yourself of its value to your personal growth and development.
  8.  Family & Friends:  The middle left area is represented by the wood element, which could be the shape of a vertical rectangle (as pictured above).  This is a great place to place a happy image of you and your family, or an image of what you dream your family could be like.  Trees represent wood, as well as the stability and strength of family.  This would also be a helpful image.
  9. Health:  The middle area is the health gua, but it is actually a reflection of all of the areas of you life combined.  In order to be truly healthy, happy, and peaceful, we need balance in all areas.  I placed a quote that is very inspiring to be, “If you can dream it, you have the capacity to fulfill it.” I love quotes, and I personally think they can be placed in any area of your vision board if it really speaks to you and keeps you going. I also placed an image of someone working out as a reminder of the physical and emotional health benefits it gives me if I stick to my goals and have self discipline.

I hope after reading this post you feel inspired to try your own vision board.  I truly believe that we are all here to accomplish our goals and grow into our best selves. I hope this method helps you look at ALL areas of your life that you wish to improve.

Have fun, and until next time, namaste!

Kristina Hollinger

*After writing this post, I learned something about visualization tools that I had not heard before, so I must share. I am taking Doreen and Grant Virtue’s Abundance course. I want you to feel successful and live all your dreams, so here is what they suggested…

What I learned somewhat contradicts my feng shui vision board theory! Now that you’ve created a board with images for each area of your life, create a board that focuses on one goal at a time. For example, if a new home was in your wealth area, make a whole board dedicated to that. The universe will hear you loud and clear and you will achieve it faster! Then you can make a whole board dedicated to travel, one for work, ect. Do as few or as many as you like. I just did one for my phone’s lock screen so that I look at it several times a day. Happy visualizing! 😁