The Feng Shui Relationship Secret


Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places?  Well, according the feng shui begua map, maybe you have been!  There is a little feng shui relationship secret that I would like to share with you, and it has nothing to do with the relationship area of your home!

You may have heard feng shui relationship tips before.  Place pairs of objects in the relationship gua to attract a partner.  Add red accents or two candles to get the spark and passion back. But the secret to really attracting the right person, or improving your current relationship, all depends on the Wisdom and Knowledge area of your home.  So let’s refocus our attention there, and I will give you three suggestions you can do to activate that area and boost your relationship!

How to Enhance the Wisdom and Knowledge Area to Attract the Right Person

  1. This area is located at the front of your home to the far left.  It is activated by the Earth element.  Therefore, the shape of the square, flowers, and earth tones (such as sand or even deep blue) will work great here.  These colors “ground” you and will help you plant your feet more firmly into who you truly are.  The purpose of activating the wisdom and knowledge area is so that you can learn to go within yourself and know what you really want.  If you don’t know what you really want, how could you attract the right person? Or, how could you tell your partner what it is you really want?
  2. Keep books in this area on topics about relationships, self-empowerment, or anything else that you wish to know more about.  If you take some time to read in this space, it will help you to reflect on who you are.  I have a blue chair in the knowledge area of my home.  It has become my favorite place to read and learn more  about my life purpose and what I want.  Even though I am in a relationship, spending time within still helps me to articulate what I need and keep the communication flowing.
  3. Do you spend time in the Knowledge area of your home? Do you have a cluttered closet in that space? Try to spend 5 minutes in that area everyday this week.  Take time to organize it, clean it, and just be.  You may have been avoiding this space and “running away from yourself.” The fact that you are reading this shows that you are ready to be true to yourself and attract the right person into your life.

One of my favorite Sex and the City quotes is:  “…the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”  So focus on you for a little while, and all the rest will fall into place.


Until next time,


Kristina Hollinger

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