How to manifest your dreams… with red wine!


When I found out I could drink red wine AND recreate my reality, I was thrilled. Since tonight is a new moon, it is the perfect opportunity to give this 5-minute exercise a try! The new moon is yin energy and it’s a great time to go within and set intentions for what you want to attract in your life. Feng shui practitioner Laurie Pawlie taught me this simple four step manifestation ritual. In order to move forward in the direction of your dreams, you’re going to enhance the fame and reputation area of your life by using the element of fire, hence the inclusion of red wine. You could even light a candle for extra pizazz! So pop the cork and join me!

Step One: Pour yourself a glass of red wine or grape juice. The color red, and any alcoholic beverages, represent the fire element. You’ll see why this is significant in a moment.
Step Two: Cut out a triangle from red paper (or you can use white paper and write with red pen for step 3 if you do not have red paper). The shape of the triangle and the color red also represent the fire energy.
Step Three: Write on the paper triangle as many positive affirmations as you can think of. Remember, you are focusing on the fire element here.  Fire is all about passion.  So as you write on the triangle ask yourself these questions:  What sparks my enthusiasm?  What is my passion? How do you I want the world to view me? How do I wish to see myself? You many write one simple word such as: leader, caring, compassionate.  Or you could try affirmations. Some example affirmations are:

“I am confident in my knowledge.”

“I am hardworking and dedicated.”

“My gifts and talents are appreciated.”
Step Four: Tape the paper in the fame and reputation area of your home. It is located in the center of your home at the far back (when you enter the front door). You can place it discretely so no one can see it, but of course you’ll know it’s there.

I would recommend writing on the paper at your dining room table since it represents the wealth and abundance in your home (and we all want to manifest more of that!). Enjoy a glass of wine or grape juice and envision all of the magnificent things people think and say about you. Enhancing your fame and reputation area also directly affects your career. After all, the way you progress in your career will be based on how your employers, clients and others view you.

The new moon is a great time to dream BIG and take action. Tonight is the full moon, so give it a try. I can’t wait to hear how your life has been positively impacted. Remember, your thoughts change your life!

Until next time,


Kristina Hollinger

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